Happy Shetland!

So pleased I spoke to Penny so that I now have the Equivizor Recovery mask for my small mini Shetland rather than the mesh mask I was ordering.   He's just turned 30 and lost one eye to Uveitis many years ago and has become almost blind in the other.  With frequent episodes of painful flare ups I was keeping him in on sunny days and he fared little better in winter.   He doesn't do his usual runner putting this mask on in the mornings so that says a lot and he is now enjoying going out in all the sunshine we've had the last few weeks and comes in happy and comfortable.   His limited eyesight is also really helped by the clear visor.( I have taped some garden mesh just over the ventilation holes to stop any insects.)  Plus it's really nice I can see his eye through the mask and check all is fine too.  Yet a further benefit over a mesh fly mask is that he's not rubbing it and getting his eye dirty and continually needing antibiotic eye ointment.  It's been all round brilliant for him.  Such a relief for both of us.  Thanks so very much Penny for your care!

By Sally

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